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Based in sunny San Francisco, the App Rocketeers are a premier marketing service with heart and soul. We are a husband and wife marketing team with years of experience in the iOS arena and an extensive background in marketing, online and offline, with major corporations in NYC and across the US.

We understand that it’s hard enough to design and develop an app and see it through to launch. Marketing may be the last thing on a developer’s mind, and it may all seem overwhelming. The App Rocketeers are here to help! We will make your app’s success our sole mission and stick with you every step of the way!


An experienced entrepreneur and marketer with a talent for creating buzz, Stephen has been running his own marketing company for a number of years. His in-depth knowledge of social media, internet marketing, and the Wild West environment of the iTunes App Store gives him a unique perspective and ability to create marketing campaigns and strategies that work synergistically and maximize exposure.

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An experienced writer and marketer with an eye for design and aesthetics. She’s honed her abilities by having worked everywhere from high end real estate marketing in Manhattan’s well known Corcoran Sunshine, to product reviews for the women’s technology blog ChipChick. The experience of having marketed millions of dollars of products have inspired her to take to app marketing and use what she knows as well as her connections in this exciting new frontier full of possibilities.

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